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The Wachootoo Sacrificial Victim was a part of Ace Ventura's third test to prove to the Wachootoo tribe that he was worthy of being spared. The Victim's heart was removed by the Wachootoo Shaman, and Ace pulled out an apple core from his stomach, ultimately passing the test to the tribe's dismay. The Victim appeared in Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls, and the actor who played him is uncredited.

Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls []

This male Wachootoo tribe member is seen lying on a bed inside one of the tribal huts seen earlier in the film when Ace Ventura first infiltrated the Wachootoos. He is unrestrained, and is either drugged or is a willing sacrifice. The Shaman is using both hands to make a bloody hole in the Victim's abdomen. He reaches up into the Victim's chest cavity, and then pulls out his heart and raises it into the air while the Wachootoo Chief and other tribal members laugh and cheer for the Shaman's success, caring nothing about the brutal violence used against one of their own. This is proof that, with the exception of the Tiny Warrior, all Wachootoo members are expendable minions in the eyes of the Chief and the Shaman. Surprisingly, the Victim remains alive after losing his heart, and seems barely affected by the pain at all. The Shaman laughs at Ace, whom he's sure will fail this test of body part removal. Though Ace is expected to puncture another hole in the Victim's body, he instead shoves his hand down the Victim's throat, eventually reaching inside his stomach. The Shaman reacts angrily to this, as he was unable to predict this move. Ace pulls out an apple core that the Victim had swallowed whole, and raises it into the air the same way the Shaman did with the heart, and laughs victoriously. Everyone, even the Victim himself, looks at the apple core with amazement. This is apparently enough for Ace to pass the third Wachootoo test, as the challenge was to prove that he could at least remove something from a living human. In conclusion, the Victim's sacrifice is all for nothing, and his own tribe quickly forget about him as they lead Ace to his final test: The Circle of Death.


Although he has no white tribal paint anywhere on his body, the Victim is most certainly part of the Wachootoo tribe, as he wears the same tan loin cloth and sandals that the others wear. He also wears puka bracelets, feathered armbands similar to those worn by the Shaman, and a white neck-ring.