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Shikaka is the great white bat (Crepuscular chiroptera in scientific name), and is the prominent focal point of When Nature Calls. She is sacred to the Wachati and Wachutu tribes, but constantly disgusts Ace, who personally hates bats, due to a fear or creepy vibe of them.

Ace finds out that Vincent Cadby had kidnapped Shikaka using the two Australian hunters because he wanted the Guano deposits that is owned by Watchati Tribe. Out of desperation, he used the poachers to plant false evidence to lead him astray. With the help of the elephant and the jungle animals, Ace foils Cadby's plans to have both the Wachati and Wachutu tribes go to war.

Ace had to overcome his fear of bats in order to bring Shikaka back to the Watchati Tribe and end the war between them and the Watchutu Tribe. While running into the town with the bat in his bare hands, he screams out Shikaka's name. This stops the warring tribes long enough for them to kneel in respects. When Ouda catches Cadby in the area, he realizes the latter's theft and called out "White Devil". The Wachati and Wachutu tribes team up and chase him out. After Ace puts Shikaka back in her sacred cage, he is still disgusted and comedically wipes himself off.