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Sexy Woman is the credit name for Rebecca Ferratti's character in Ace Ventura: Pet Detective. She is seen in the end of the opening story of the movie.

Ace Ventura: Pet Detective[]


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Sexy woman hires Ace Ventura to get her dog back from her boyfriend, who took her dog in revenge for their break up. Ace is able to complete the task, and she excitedly greets the dog, as it tries to lick her cleavage, once he comes back. As she sets the dog down, she notices Ace impatiently waiting for payment. She struts over to him, complimenting him and asks how she can repay him. He proceeds to go off about the damages to his car, dinner, and other menial things he wants. But, she pulls him into an impassioned kiss, and asks rather if she can take his pants off instead. Patiently waiting for an answer, he ponders sarcastically on this proposal, simply replying "sure" to her suggestion. She immediately gets on her knees and unzips his pants, to give him a cartoonish blowjob, as Ace holds on for life on a pole on the ceiling, receiving his reward.

 Conquest Appeal[]

Ferratti plays a sultry woman, who has a curvy hour glass figure and flaunts herself throughly. She wears a short blue crop top, over a black bra, with the ends tied together to hold her busty breasts and expose her mid riff. She as well wears heels and white shorts, that expose her long legs. She is shown to be very manipulative towards Ace, as she rather convinces him allow her to give pleasure rather than money, due to her either not wanting to pay him or legitmately having physical attraction to him.


  • The name credited in the movie, is 'Sexy Woman'.
  • The director, Tom Shadyac, has stated she was his favorite cameo in the movie
  • In a deleted scene, it is implied that Ace and her would have gone on to have sex, many times, after the scene prior. Though filmed, it was never added into the movie, and only a few stills were recovered.