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Roger Podacter is played by Troy Evans. In the movie, he is a worker for the Miami Dolphins until he was murdered by Einhorn. His death left a lasting impression on his co-worker and friend Melissa, whom Ace now had to protect from the psychopathic Finkle.

Before he was murdered, he and Lois were lovers until their relationship got very serious. Ray was really using Podacter to get information about the Miami Dolphins and to get keys to get inside the Dolphins' stadium. Ace would use clues he left behind, such as how he grabbed his keys at the table when his boss was yelling at him, and his keys were seen at the gates after the Dolphin was taken.

Podacter was murdered by Einhorn at his high-rise apartment in downtown Miami. Judging by first impressions and the immense stress he was under, Lt. Einhorn and the police claim Podacter's death is a suicide. After inspecting the scene for himself, Ace Ventura disputes that claim arguing that the evidence points to murder. Ventura makes a solid, compelling argument and upstages the police investigators.

Ventura becomes aware of the secret relationship between Podacter and Einhorn after Emilio calls him about a note from Podactor to Einhorn hidden in the latter's desk. After trying concluding that Einhorn must in fact be Ray Finkle, Ventura realizes that Finkle must be responsible for his murder. After Ace stripped Einhorn at the docks, he spins her around to reveal her huge penis tucked in her panties and tells the gathered officers at the docks that the truth of why Podacter was murdered that night. During the latest sexual encounter, he discovered Einhorn's bulge (i.e. "He found Captain Winky"). Ace points out that he realizes that if Podacter had lived, he would've exposed Finkle and his chances for revenge on his former team on Super Bowl Sunday will go up in smoke. Hence Finkle/Einhorn had to kill Podacter to avoid being caught.

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