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Ray Finkle

Ray Finkle is a corrupt Lieutenant in the Miami-Dade Police Station, formerly the kicker for the Miami Dolphins, and the main antagonist of the first movie. He took the identity of a missing female hiker and Miami Police Department's lieutenant named Lois Einhorn, as he vowed revenge on Dan Marino. He is portrayed by Sean Young and voiced by Bill Zuckert.

Life as Ray Finkle[]

He was originally known as Ray Finkle, an aspiring football player who was drafted by the Miami Dolphins as their kicker in the mid season. When Ace found out that he missed him in his investigation, this leads him to Finkle's hometown. Mrs. Finkle shares Ray's embitterment with Dan Marino whom he blamed for the missed field goal by leaving the laces in, rather than out, which cost the Dolphins the Super Bowl and caused the entire town to turn against him. Mr. Finkle thinks that his wife is senile and says Ray's obsession with the lost championship caused Mr. Finkle to commit his son to Shady Acres Mental Hospital. Finkle's obsession with revenge against Marino pointed Ace in the direction he needed to go after seeing a film in Finkle's room. While at Shady Acres, Ace stumbled across a newspaper article about a woman named Lois Einhorn who was lost in the wilderness while hiking and is missing. Unbeknownst to anyone is that Finkle escaped from Shady Acres, had kidnapped Einhorn and presumably murdered her in order to assume her identity in a subtle attempt at revenge for his former team. Since then, Finkle's parents were being pestered by the staff of Shady Acres to pick up his stuff from storage.

Kidnapping of Snowflake and Dan Marino[]

Ray Finkle disguised as Lois Einhorn

After growing his hair out long and getting a nose job, breast implants, a butt lift, and silicone injections in his hips to create the perfect disguise to hide behind while he carried out crimes like kidnapping and murder, Finkle spent seven years posing as a policewoman in the Miami-Dade Police Department's police force for eight hours a day. The cross-dressed Finkle was able to begin her revenge on the Dolphins by kidnapping Snowflake who now had Finkle's old Jersey number, which she took as a personal insult.

After she kidnaps Marino, Ace gives out his suspicions about Finkle, which puts Einhorn on full alert. She pretends to be impressed by Ventura's "fine detective work". Then she forces herself on top of Ace and delivers a passionate kiss in an attempt to seduce him, probably feeling so threatened that she intended on giving him a quick blowjob to bring him completely under her control. Ace mentions he feels some discomfort by telling her, "Your gun is digging into my hip." Einhorn responds with a sultry, "What's wrong Ace, want me to read you your rights?" as she thrusts her hips hard into Ace's groin. Ace refuses her advances by pushing her off of him, though he seems to have at least been somewhat aroused by this encounter (Ace implies so by his awkward stance after standing up off the desk and motioning to his groin "Down boy!").

In a deleted scene, it is revealed that, after this encounter, Einhorn, knowing that Ace is on to her, orders her henchmen, Vinnie and Roc, to find and kill Ace Ventura. Unfortunately, the two criminals Einhorn has blackmailed into helping her by pulling strings to keep them out of prison fail at their assassination attempt, being trampled by the raucous crowd to the Cannibal Corpse concert they had followed him to while Ace gets away.

With the help of his Yorkshire Terrier, Wiggles, Ace discovers that she is Ray Finkle in a crossdress disguise. He begins to think about the tragic events that may have happened to the real Lt. Einhorn on her day off hiking. Finkle had escaped from the mental hospital and stalked her on her day off. Horrified, Ace concludes that he had murdered Einhorn and assumed her identity. Finkle posed as Einhorn to take advantage of her position in the Miami PD to enact his revenge on the Dolphins when they got another chance in the Super Bowl. Ace then comically spends all night using a plunger to help himself throw up and cleansing himself by burning his clothes and showering over and over after realizing that he kissed a man and that Einhorn's "gun" was his penis.

Exposure & Arrest[]

Later while chewing packs and packs of gum to remove the kiss and trying to rescue Marino and Snowflake, Ace stakes out Einhorn's condo and follows her to an abandoned yacht facility on the outskirts of town. He watches her disappear inside. Einhorn taunts and tortures Marino before perfectly kicking a football on a tee through a small hole in the tin roof in high heels. Marino has no idea what to think. She then passionately kisses Marino, suggesting that her hatred for Marino had morphed into something fetishistic over the years, and finally being in the ultimate position of power and dominance over the bound and now-helpless object of her obsession had actually turned into an erotic experience. She then disappears up a small set of stairs to get both of them refreshments. Ace knocks both of Einhorn’s goons, Vinnie and Roc out and then slides down to rescue Dan Marino. While trying to rescue and untie Marino, Einhorn catches him and pulls a gun on him. She then takes out her cellular phone and calls Aguado. Deciding to pin it all on Ace since he has now put a kink in her plan.

Einhorn holds them both at gunpoint as Ace is on his knees. Einhorn is clearly getting off over having her greatest enemy tied up, scared, and helpless, and her second greatest enemy on his knees, begging for his life. He and Marino begin to argue with each other. Einhorn fires her gun into the air and says “SHUT UP! I think I’ll kill the dolphin first! Wouldn’t want ya to miss that!”. She walks over to Snowflake’s tank. Ace and Dan watch the 4 TV’s set up and see the kicker of the Dolphins make a kick. Ace spouts off “Good to see someone who doesn’t buckle under the pressure!”. Einhorn visibly gets angry and cocks her gun. She walks over and aims it at Ace’s head and sternly says “What would you know about pressure?!”. Ace calmly responds “Well I have kissed a man.” It clicks in Einhorn’s head that Ace has it all figured out. Just then, the announcers bring up Ray Finkle’s missed kick. They show it on national television and insult him. It’s more than Einhorn can take. She turns the gun quickly onto the 4 TV’s set up in a fit of rage she screams “THE LACES WERE IN!! THEY WERE IN!!!” She shoots out the TV which allows Ace to knock the gun out of her hand and a struggle ensues between them.

Einhorn’s entire police force comes storming in from all angles. As the fight concludes the police cheer on their Lt. as she picks up a large wooden fishing crate and smashes it onto Ace. Seemingly defeating him as he falls to the ground. Einhorn stumbles out in front of her entire force in high heels clearly in hysterics as she flings her blue blazer off onto the dock floor. She screams and demands them to shoot Ace. They all ready themselves and cock their guns. She screams for them to shoot Ace again, but Melissa puts a stop to it by holding Emilio hostage with a gun and convinces them to hear Ace out. Einhorn is clearly very worried and orders them to ignore her, and pins and blames everything on Ace. Claiming that he is the one behind everything. Ace laughs at Einhorn’s false statements and makes his suspicion well known about Finkle and his theory of how he was able to escape from Shady Acres and assume the identity of a missing hiker whom was a lieutenant herself to assume her identity by undergoing a partial sex reassignment surgery. All the while Einhorn is slowly unraveling. She’s clearly on the verge of a mental breakdown as she starts to convulse and twitch. It’s obviously too much for her to take. When Ace points out that she is actually Ray Finkle in disguise, Lt. Einhorn shakes her head nervously and denies all of his accusations and cries out, begging for her force to shoot Ace in a desperate and pathetic attempt to save herself from Ace.

Einhorn pleading with the police to stop Ace after being stripped.

This leads Ace to test his theory that Einhorn is really Finkle by first pulling Einhorn's hair. She screams in pain as her head flies back as her hair is real. This enrages the already clearly shaken Lt. The SWAT Team along with Aguado share immediate skepticism with Ace's actions. Next, Ace walks in front of the Lt. and grabs ahold of her slightly untucked white blouse and violently rips it open to her shoulders to reveal a pair of large C cup breasts in a silk lace grey bra. Einhorn grimaces as she takes a deep breath in to push her breasts up, to show Ace just how wrong he really is. Ace laughs nervously like a fool, clearly surprised, but dismisses the breasts by saying "That kind of surgery can be done over the weekend!" figuring that they must be just implants. Breathing deeply and infuriated, Einhorn stands and takes it yet remains silent, knowing there is nothing she can say or do to save herself from Ace with Melissa firmly holding Emilio hostage. Einhorn would have to pass all of Ace’s test to truly be able in a position to save herself. Ace still not satisfied continues on. He sinks down next to the Lt. as she struggles to say something in response to Ace. Einhorn in a final stand and last ditch effort quickly thinks and crosses her feminine legs tightly. Ace makes one last final attempt to expose and embarrass Einhorn by ripping off her skirt and smacking her on the butt with it before tossing it away, Einhorn’s body jolts violently as all of this happens so fast to her. This leads only to more embarrassment for her as her police force chuckles faintly and "woo's" at their exposed superior in her awkward disposition. Standing in only her torn white blouse, silk lace bra, silk lace panties and black high heels. Einhorn looks down at her near naked body and begins to twitch and convulse in utter shock and humiliation of this exposure. Her eyes roll back in her head and her jaw drops ever so slightly. Her world is literally crashing down around her. She had gotten cocky during what was supposed to be her moment of triumph and didn’t bother tucking her large penis and testicles, opting instead to take the easier route and just stuff her endowed package between her thighs, hiding the giant bulge that would otherwise be sitting in the front of her silk panties, clearly identifiable as a huge penis. When tucked properly, even with her impressive endowment, she wouldn’t be exposed. This instance is completely different. Her massive penis and testicles are busting out the rear of her silk panties. She tries in another desperate attempt to bob and jerk and try to pull it between her legs out of view. This only causes her more problems as she’s begins to get hard and erect from all of the squeezing and bobbing. Just as Ace is about to give up on his theory, Marino who is just behind Lt. Einhorn and to her right secretly alerts Ace to the large bulge he can see in the rear of Lt. Einhorn's silk panties which is tightly hiding in between her thighs. Ace does a double take and then smiles knowing he will soon be triumphant.

Now with concrete proof against Einhorn, Ace makes a short humiliating speech (directed at Einhorn). Ace now refers to “Einhorn” in feminine pronouns as “she” has a look of pure defeat and denial on “her” face. Ace rounds behind “Einhorn” as “she” reaches up and starts to touch her right breast in her bra, trying to show and reassure that “she” is a woman. We now clearly notice "her" 1984 AFC Championship ring as "she" fumbles with her bra, but it's no use. She puts up zero resistance as he spins "her" violently around in "her" high heels to reveal "his" healthy huge hormone free penis and testicles tucked between "his" legs in her silk panties for everyone to see. The silk translucent fabric do Einhorn/Finkle no favors as it accents every vein and even the head of his penis. Ace reveals to the Miami Police Department his true motive in killing Roger Podacter because he discovered his true gender as well as mocking Einhorn's/Finkle's ranking on the police force by calling her penis ("he found Captain Winky!"). The whole Miami police force, Marino, and even Snowflake react in total disgust at this revelation of Einhorn's true identity as Ray Finkle, suggesting that he had kissed or had sexual encounters with all of them as he did with Ace.

Ace denounces the entire scene of Ray Finkle’s humiliating exposure as a comedy routine. Letting him go as he yells “Goodnight everybody! You’ve been a wonderful audience I’ll be here all week! Be sure to tip your waitress!”. Finkle drops to his knees still wearing his sexy high heels. His white ruined feminine blouse falls off of his back exposing the silk grey bra straps he has on to hold his implants in firm place. He comes to several horrific realizations. He has just been defeated by a joke of a pet detective who was also the laughing stock of the department he was in charge of. Finkle will never ever be a man again and he will die with a feminine body and implants. He’s just failed miserably and pathetically at his elaborate seven year revenge scheme. He will now spend this rest of his life in a male prison as the sissy and laughing stick of the prison. Completely humiliated and exposed, Finkle realizes he has nothing left to lose. As he sinks to the wet dock floor he sees a shard of glass from the TV’s he had just shot out minutes earlier. He pulls his ruined blouse back up as he reaches for the shard. He switches it to his right hand and in one last attempts to kill Ace out of revenge by lunging towards him. Screaming still in his feminine voice “DIE ANIMAL BOY!!!”. He struggles to run at Ace in his black high heels on the damp dock floor. Ace quickly see that Finkle has no chance of stabbing him and flips him over his shoulder into Snowflake’s tank, as he is flipped into the tank his feminine legs flung open and his massive penis shifts back into its normal position in front of his panties. Finkle did not count on this and it causes him to scream femininely with frustration and bewilderment as he hits the water where the surrounding officers, along with Melissa and Emilio, chuckle and shake their heads at Finkle's pathetic attempt. After he tries to pull himself up, emerging from the water with his mascara running and the brown dye having been washed out of his hair by the water, Finkle looks like a totally different person. His Einhorn façade has been washed away almost. Ace rounds him yet again and forcefully steps on his right hand, cracking his fingers as he grunts with hatred as Ace reaches down and plucks the masculine ring containing the missing stone from his finger, and finalizing his theory that he is the disgraced Ray Finkle, who now bears a look of hopelessness and woe as his most prized and personal possession rests in the hands of his enemy. (Up until this point, Finkle had continued to fake a female voice, most likely planning to tell everyone that he wasn’t Ray Finkle in disguise, and was instead a transgender woman unrelated to the football player, who tried to kill Ace for outing her publicly. After Finkle realized that he’d made a terrible mistake in wearing his Super Bowl ring while in the Einhorn disguise, connecting his fake identity to his real one, he most likely would’ve dropped the lady voice entirely.) In one last insult to the already miserable and helpless Finkle, Ace turns his back to him and forcefully kicks some dirt in his tear-ridden face before declaring him a loser, ironically making his life a living hell as he will soon be pulled from the water in nothing but his ruined white blouse, soaked silk bra and soaked silk panties and placed in handcuffs where he will be left in the clutches of all the people he did humiliated and manipulated, the Miami Police Department. Where afterwards he will spend the rest of his life behind the bars of maximum security male prison where his many feminine attributes will make him a very sought after sex toy.

Finkle is currently in a maximum security male prison serving out a life sentence with no parole. He’s scheduled to appeal his conviction in 2031. If Finkle fails, he would remain in prison.


  • The picture of Ray Finkle before the sex change was really Sean Young with a wig and a fake mustache. However, they based Finkle's appearance on Uwe von Schamann, whom was supposed to play Finkle.
  • If looked at closely in the Blu Ray edition with a much clearer presentation, in the video clip of "the Kick Heard Around The World" the laces appear to be in just as Finkle said, implying that Dan Marino was actually at fault and wouldn't admit to his error.
    • Had Marino admitted this error, Finkle would never been kicked off the team.
  • In a deleted scene which was supposed to the original ending, Finkle later cuts a deal with the Miami PD in telling them where Lois Einhorn(also played by Sean Young) really is in exchange for a reduced sentence which Ace also hears. He leads them to where she is being held hostage by his plastic surgeon and revealing she was alive the whole time. A grateful Einhorn thanks Ace for helping the Miami PD find her. When they ask why she's thanking him, it reveals that the son of the surgeon who works at Shady Pines: left a news article and a letter for help for him to find. Ace saw the letter and was able to put together what happened on the day Finkle kidnapped Lt. Einhorn. She now plans to get rid of the corrupted officers who helped him in his plan. Aguado and the other officers tried to apologize to her, claiming Finkle put them up to it. Einhorn refuses to hear any of it and orders those involved to give up their badges.
  • The laces are supposed to be out.
  • The reason Finkle disguised himself as Lt. Einhorn is because he wanted to get his revenge on his former team by humiliating them on Super Bowl Sunday without their knowledge. He only will remain as her until he had gotten his revenge on the Dolphins. After returning as a man, Finkle had planned to swipe his AFC Conference Championship ring with Marino's own and let him be blamed for kidnapping Snowflake along with him being blamed for costing the Dolphins the Super bowl and ruining his career.