Hitu is a secondary antagonist in When Nature Calls. He works for Vincent Cadby.

Role and personality Edit

Hitu’s official job title is ‘Chief of Tribal Security’ in the province, but in reality he serves as a henchman and bodyguard for Vincent Cadby, whose side he rarely leaves. He goes along with Cadby’s plan to cause a riot between the neighbouring tribes, and helps him thwart Ace and Fulton’s efforts to discover the truth.

Appearance Edit

Hitu is a young, handsome man with a tall, athletic build. He wears a police-type uniform that features dark trousers, a pale blue short-sleeved shirt and a maroon sash and beret. Despite his job appearing to involve very little physical activity, in most of his appearances he is drenched with sweat.

He is played by Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje in the movie.

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