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Emilio is Ace's cop friend, in the police department. Emilio thinks Ace is insane; however, he knows Ace is a great detective. He is played by Tone Lōc in the movie.

Ace Ventura: Pet Detective[]

Originally Emilio though of Ace's way of detecting as a form of insanity, even trying to make him leave so that his boss, female police lieutenant Lois Einhorn, doesn't see him. Later on, he starts believing that Ace may have been right in suspecting Roger Podacter's death being a murder, evident when he discovers a love letter that Roger wrote to her days before his death and thanking her for a wonderful evening. Couple with what Ace found about a missing hiker report whom was coincidentally named after his boss at Shady Acres Mental Hospital and of whom a sociopathic, disgraced football player, Ray Finkle, was involved in.

Emilio was later seen trying to protect Melissa whom Ace suspected Finkle will target next partially do to both her job as a public relations officer for the Miami Dolphins and her friendship with Podacter. She later held Emilio at gunpoint as part of her plan to get the other officers to hear Ace out about his suspicion towards Einhorn. He later discovers the truth of Einhorn's true identity as Finkle along with why she murdered Podacter and reacts with disgust along with the rest of the Miami-Dade PD, Dan Marino and Snowflake(after she kissed him like she did to Ace). He is later seen in the end getting phone numbers from some cheerleaders, he then sees Ace beating up Swoop on the big screen as the stadium announcer thanks Ace for saving Snowflake and Dan Marino.