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Dan Marino plays himself, as he is a real life former quarter back of the Miami Dolphins. He is the enemy of Ray Finkle, and the main focus of the movie, as the villain tries to kill him, for ruining his football career.

Marino was kidnapped by a bunch of thugs under Einhorn's orders in the middle of his commercial. While being held in the Wharf with Snowflake, he is confronted by her there. Though when Einhorn kicks a football laces out in the middle of the confrontation, Marino still couldn't figure out it had been his former teammate.

Dan proves to be a useful ally to Ace when he notices the bulge on the backside of Einhorn's panties and secretly alerts Ace to it. This allowed Ace to show his proof that Einhorn is the disgraced Ray Finkle due to his costly mistakes in not perfecting his disguise and that his ring had the missing stone.

After Finkle's arrest, Marino and Snowflake receives a hero's welcome back to the stadium in time for the super bowl.