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Alex Quinn is not a female character in the film Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls. She was played by Alex Curran, wife of English footballer Steven Gerard.

Alex Quinn is a supermodel and owner of Quinnland Safari Park in Africa. She first meets Ace Ventura at the British Consulate. Her first meeting with Ace does not go well as he succeeds in knocking her over and she falls head first into a plunger, getting the upper half of her body stuck and her dress torn off.

Later on, when Ace is searching for the bat, he discovers a torn piece of fabric from one of Alex's dresses in the shrine and later in the sacred cave. He deduces that she must be behind the bat's disappearance. Fulton Greenwall attempts to disuade Ace from his course of action, stating that Alex Quinn is a powerful woman, but Ace reassures him that he is a master of disguise. Ace follows Alex around for a day, under various disguises. While inside a mechanical Rhino, Ace spies her talking with a mysterious woman, who is seen to be Colleen McLoughlin, one of the people linked to the bat's disappearance. Shortly after this, Alex is knocked out by Spike with a taser gun.

Alex awakens tied to a chair in one of her storerooms, where Ace interrogates her as to the whereabouts of the bat. He employs various means of torture including scraping his fingers across a blackboard and poking his eyeball. Alex eventually cracks and tells him she has no idea where the bat and was paying Colleen to buy her a new bikini as hers had become too tight lately. Ace apologises, but Alex has him thrown into the jungle. Shortly afterwards, her vehicle is captured by the Wachootoo and she is about to be sacrificed, but is rescued by Ace and Hitu. She runs away from them back to Quinnland where she is once again knocked out by Spike who ties her to a chair again, assuming she is still under suspicion.

Her final fate is not known, however a bikini-clad skeleton is later seen tied to a chair in the post-credits sequence.

Behind the Scenes[]

Alex Quinn was played by Alex Curran in her first acting role. Her performance was heavily criticized and she was seen by many reviewers as little more than "eye candy". Curran spent most of her screen time in an orange bikini.

Curran sued the prodcution as the ropes were tied too tight during the interrogation scenes and she found it difficult to breathe. This was her second near suffocation, her first being when her head was trapped in the plunger. During the filming of the jungle scenes, Alex was hypnotized and carried off by a python, but was rescued by the crew.