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Aguado is a cop that is played by John Capodice. He is shown to be a specific cop that Ace Ventura personally hates. Aguado constantly laughs and ridicules Ace, though Ace constantly one ups him and taunts him for being fat..


When Ace first arrives at the Miami Police Station, he starts asking him about animal lashes and started laughing him along with the other Cops. He spotted a roach on the floor, stomp on it, mocking ace as a "Homicide" and ask how he's gone to solve it. Of course when Ace started coming with the facts, Aquado attempted to strike him, but Ace grab him and pushed to the dead Roach and told him to kiss and make up. When Roger Podacter was reported to have said commit suicide, he was with Lois Einhorn/ Ray Finkle and other cops, and surprise to Ace who came with Melissa Robinson. Ace suspected that Podactor was murdered and didn't commit suicide, but Lois said he needed Evidence as Prove.

Aquado started making a joke, claiming he heard a Toilet flushed and somebody had lost a Turtle and started to laugh at him along with the other Cops. However Ace proved that Podactor's death was murder by revealing that the door was double pain soundproof Glass, realizing that Ace was right until Einhorn order Ace out, and started to escort him out.